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BASE email alerts not sending (Fedora 14)

  • Ryan Pettigrew
    Ryan Pettigrew

    Hi all,

    I am having trouble getting the email alerts in BASE to send. When I try to send an alert from base I get the following error:

    Failed to connect to ESAN0001.millinfo.local:25
    EXPORT ERROR: Could not send exported alerts to 'rino655@gmail.com'. Check the mail configuration in PHP.
    No alerts were selected or the Email alert(s) (csv) was not successful

    I have made sure that all the appropriate pear packages were installed, I have the following:

    Installed packages, channel pear.php.net:

    Package          Version State
    Archive_Tar      1.3.7   stable
    Auth_SASL        1.0.4   stable
    Console_Getopt   1.3.1   stable
    Image_Canvas     0.3.3   alpha
    Image_Color      1.0.4   stable
    Image_Graph      0.8.0   alpha
    Mail             1.2.0   stable
    Mail_Mime        1.8.1   stable
    Net_SMTP         1.6.0   stable
    Net_Socket       1.0.10  stable
    Numbers_Roman    1.0.2   stable
    Numbers_Words    0.16.2  beta
    PEAR             1.9.2   stable
    Structures_Graph 1.0.4   stable
    XML_RPC          1.5.4   stable
    XML_Util         1.2.1   stable

    My config file for base_conf looks like:

    $action_email_smtp_host = 'ESAN0001.millinfo.local';
         $action_email_smtp_localhost = 'localhost';
         $action_email_smtp_auth = 1;
         $action_email_smtp_user = 'rdpettigrew@millinfo.com';
         $action_email_smtp_pw = 'password';
         $action_email_from = 'rdpettigrew@millinfo.com';
         $action_email_subject = 'BASE Incident Report';
         $action_email_msg = '';
         $action_email_mode = 0;

    I also have firewalls turned off. I'm not sure what to do to fix the issue, can anyone help?