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BASE 1.4.2 and Fatal Error

Jorge Lara
  • Jorge Lara
    Jorge Lara


    I have tried to find information online on this error but I can't seem to come across anything helpful.

    I am using BASE 1.4.2, PHP 5.3.0, Apache 2.2.11 on a CentOS 5.3 Linux.

    I am able to run BASE of the Website, I am also able to login with the credentials I supplied during setup, and once I am in the main page I am able to read information off the MySQL Database I am using.  However, whenever I try to use any of the sorting options or use any of the links I am receiving the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ProtocolFieldCriteria::ProtocolFieldCriteria() in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/base-1.4.2/includes/ on line 1114

    I also tried with BASE and got the same exact error only on line 1113.

    I am in DESPERATE need of a solution for this problem and I was wondering if you guys have any pointers on how to solve it.

    I will greatly appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Jorge,

      quite strange, I must say. On fedora 11 with php 5.2.9 it works as it should.
      The first thing I would like you to check is, whether your file includes/ really looks like this:

      1113       parent::ProtocolFieldCriteria($tdb, $cs, $export_name, $element_cnt,
      1114                                     array("ip_tos"  => "TOS",

      If so, then the heritage mechanism on your box does not work as it did in the past. Could this be something new with php-5.3? Don't know, right now.

      Well, what happens when you change that line 1113



      to either:




      Leave the argument list in both cases as it is.

      Bye, bye


      BTW: The whole file, as it is currently in CVS, can be viewed here:

  • sophomERIC

    I had the same problem after I updated to PHP 5.3.0. I'm just posting to confirm that your fix works.

    sed -i 's%parent::ProtocolFieldCriteria%parent::MultipleElementCriteria%'

    All better, thank you.