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Secure Distributed Objects / News: Recent posts


This project is still being developed, albeit very slowly. I've just upgrade to Tiger and intend to run through some basic regression testing soon.

My long-planned clean rewrite hasn't happened; I've been focusing on my Keychain framework, since there's been relatively significant interest in that compared to SDO. I people are interested in SDO, please do drop me a line and vote for my attention. :)

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2005-05-10

Burst of activity

Enjoying the new freedom I have, given that resolution of the worst two programming 'bugs' I've ever faced, I've done a great deal of work on the project over the past few days. Check the release notes for all the details.

Most important for most people, I presume, is that the project no longer depends on the Keychain framework to build and use. It still supports it's use, however, if it happens to exist at runtime. The glue code for this is a bit unsightly, but it works wonderfully.... read more

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2003-10-20


That's right, it works properly now. And the solution to the two major bugs turns out to be have been even more elegant than I anticipated - thus, I'm pretty sure I've squished a whole host of other potential bugs in the process.

The 16th of October [2003] release is the working version. I consider it the first alpha. Please check it out, test it, submit bug reports/fixes, etc. But don't rely on it yet - there are a lot of bells & whistles I'm going to add over the coming weeks, so things will change a fair bit.

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2003-10-16

Significant Progress

If anyone's been following the bugs, they'll have noticed the ones stating simply that the port doesn't work have been closed and marked as fixed. Funny about that.

Yes indeed, the port now works properly in all the normal uses I've tested it for. There is a fairly significant bug still remaining, whereby there are random and frequent delays in the messaging cycle, but I'm confident these can be worked out soon.... read more

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2003-10-13

Still stuck

Nothing has changed - still can't get the damn thing to work. The proper reply is three bytes, each 01h, followed by some data. What I'm getting is three null's, and that's it. This happens whether a root object is set or not, so clearly something is failing long before it actually comes to handling the objects themselves. But the internals of Apple's Distributed Objects system are completely undocumented, and my queries to Apple have thus far been ignored or fruitless. Unless someone feels like ponying up $200US for a DTS incident, I can't see this getting solved any time soon.... read more

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2003-10-06

CVS & Keychain dependency

First subject, CVS. I hate CVS, and am behind a draconian firewall at campus which requires me to use CVS via CLI on a remote Red Hat box. Not pretty. Nonetheless, I've added the current source to the CVS. I think. It's hard to tell what's going on. Anyway, don't expect me to go through the trouble again. If there's anyone out there with the incling to manage the CVS, they can drop me a line. Otherwise, I'll continue to distribute source updates via the File Releases mechanism.... read more

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2003-09-04