#3 choice number 5


Layer 5 encryption isn't finished yet. However the option was left in the menu's but without a number. When you enter choice 5 in the encryption menu, or any other number that's not in the options for that matter, it will continue on and try to encrypt the file. However, since it does not set the encryption layer if you do this, it can have screwy results. However, this is not fatal, as all one has to do is select a choice that's on the menu's. Leave it up to someone to enter a choice that's not on there though. (::caugh caugh:: Brad ::caugh caugh:: not naming any names here) :-)


  • Fixed. Seems that I left out a default: in a case statement, also added a while loop that exits only after a valid choice is made. Also, added an option to the encryption menu to cancel in case you change your mind. The bug fix can be found in the cvs tree.

    • status: open --> open-fixed
    • status: open-fixed --> Error - status not found-fixed
    • status: Error - status not found-fixed --> closed-fixed