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I am using SecretManager version 0.8-6 for our office. We have LDAP based auth for our all the employees so I want to enable LDAP based auth for all the users.
I tried but unable to get in using LDAP auth.
Can you guys please tell me or guide me how to enable and use the LDAP based auth in SecretManager?


  • Hi,
    two step for using LDAP with SecretManager :

    First step: You must create a user SecretManager. This user must have the same login name and SecretManager between your LDAP (same identity).
    For example, if the login name of your user is "smaug" in your LDAP, it must also be called "smaug" in SecretManager.

    Second step: You must set up access to the LDAP server. For this you need to go to preferences and use SecretManager "Connection" tab. Finally, you must select "LDAP authentication" and complete the information.

  • More informations on setting preferences:
    - Field "LDAP server IP address" : specify the IP address where is located your LDAP
    - Field "LDAP port" : "10389" is the default port
    - Field "LDAP protocol version" : "3" is the default protocol version
    - Field "LDAP Organization" : this is the suffix of your LDAP query (in my example, I specify "dc=orasys,dc=fr")
    - Field "LDAP prefix RDN" : this is the prefix of your LDAP query (in my example, I spécify "uid").

    When you give your login (your login name (ram for example) and your password), it produces the LDAP query below (just for example): "uid=ram,dc=orasys,dc=fr"

  • Ram

    Okay thanks. It works

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