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#27 Disable ALT+SPACE

Sigrid Röhling

In SEB 1.8.2 and 1.9.0 (previous versions not tested), it is possible to open the shortcut menu for the active window using ALT+SPACE. The shortcut menu allows you to (among other things) close the active window. Students can close the SEB window that way. They are then left with the locked down Desktop, so they can't do anything they're not supposed to, but they also cannot return to the exam. A supervisor would have to come and exit the SEB Desktop using the exit codes and restart SEB. Is it possible to add ALT+SPACE to the list of options for keyboard shortcuts that can be disabled?


    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • I'm not sure if we discussed ALT+SPACE before. We will check if we can block this. But in other situations it was possible to get a minimized window (invisible because there is no task bar in SEB) back by choosing the SEB icon by ALT+TAB. But I guess this will not help when the window really gets closed with that shortcut window. So we definitely have to find a solution for this.