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Has anyone proven that Windows Update can be 'prohibited'?

SEB 2.0
  • Phil Butcher
    Phil Butcher

    In our trials of SEB 1.9 some machines slowed right down because Windows Update kicked in during a trial exam and the experience was very unsatisfactory. In SEB 2.0 clearly I shall add Windows Update (wuauclt.exe) to the 'Prohibited processes' list but how do I prove that works and stops Windows Update?

    My question is has anyone else done this and proven it works as expected? If they have it would be very useful if they would get Daniel to add the details to the documentation.

  • Unfortunately in the current SEB 2.0(RC2) version the "Monitor processes" feature isn't implemented yet (this will kill prohibited processes whenever they start up). Currently only prohibited processes are closed/killed which are running when SEB starts up. We will implement monitoring of processes while SEB is running in the coming weeks, together with other missing features in the 2.0 version (and release subsequently).

  • In the just released SEB 2.0 RC6 Windows Update should be paused while SEB is running. Please let us know if this is actually working on your machines, as we couldn't test this feature deeply.