Print Screen Is functional

SEB 2.0
  • cpaynenj

    It seems that the print screen option is functional in safe exam browser. I am on a Windows PC Running Windows 7. How do i alter the config file to disable this function?

  • Dirk Bauer
    Dirk Bauer


    currently (SEB 1.9.1) it is not possible to disable this function. However, we are working on SEB 2.0, which will be able to delete the clipboard before quitting and thus to prevent taking screenshots during an exam.


    • cpaynenj

      Hi Dirk,

      When can we expect SEB 2.0 for Windows?

  • There will be a functional version of SEB 2.0 for Windows released before end of the year. I hope we have a preview out in November.

  • H Kat
    H Kat

    I don't think emptying the clipboard will be enough. Consider dropbox (a very common application with 200M+ users). If you hit the PrintSc key, it will automatically save a snapshot onto disk. What's really needed is a way to disable the PrintScreen key altogether. Or at least some way to interfere with the clipboad in real time to prevent apps like Dropbox from being able to access the clipboard.

  • We are about to finalize a release candidate version of SEB 2.0. We will include the PrintScreen affair into our to-do list for the final release. Possibly the new code is able to disable the PrintScreen key, we will test this.

  • PrintScreen disabling works in SEB 2.0 now, also in conjunction with Dropbox. We hope to have the release candidate ready by tomorrow.