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Mac version 2 source code

SEB 2.0
  • kbotnen


    Is the sourcecode available for: Safe Exam Browser SEB 2.0pre2 ?

    Would have been nice to see the code for testing purposes.


    Last edit: kbotnen 2013-11-25
  • The sourcecode for the Mac version of SEB 2.0 will be published when the release candidate is finished (due to massive code changes compared to 2.0pre2). The release candidate will be finished before end of the year, possibly in 2-3 weeks.

  • kbotnen


    Ill look forward to it. Ive been asked to do a demonstration with seb and rdp, so need to be able to allow carefully secelted third-party processes on the mac, same way as on windows :)

  • Well, as I had to take over parts of the .NET implementation of SEB 2.0 for Windows and was working hard on finalizing it in the last weeks, implementing the missing 2.0 features in the Mac version got a bit delayed. The Windows 2.0 Release Candidate will be out today, a slightly updated Mac 2.0 RC next week. But unfortunately this won't contain the new handling of selected third-party processes yet, I will presumably need a few more weeks to finish implementing that complex feature.

  • We had to change our release plans for SEB 2.0RC slightly. As testing and bug fixing of the Windows SEB 2.0 release candidates is taking more time than expected and our development resources are currently limited due to some staff changes, I released a SEB 2.0pre3 with the most urgent updates today, making in compatible with the Windows 2.0RC versions. We will release the SEB 2.0 release candidate for Mac OS X with a similar feature set as the Windows RC in a few weeks.

    Last edit: Daniel Schneider 2014-03-21
  • Hi Daniel, we have been testing the Windows/Mac 2.0 code for a month for a client and have some enhancements we would like to consider. Any update on the availability of the OSX 2.0 source?

    Thanks for all your hard work, really awesome product.

  • Thanks for your nice words. In case you're good with Apple tell them about how awesome you find SEB and that they should offer me to buy a WWDC ticket ;-), unfortunately I didn't win in the random selection...

    After we almost finalised the Windows SEB 2.0 final release and have a new Windows developer, I should now be able to concentrate on the Mac version of SEB 2.0 (and afterwards an iPad version). I would prefer to release the code after some cleaning up and after I have build-in all 2.0 features (after the RC or the final release), which should be sometimes in May. If you can't wait till then, let me know.

    I would also be interested to hear about the enhancements that you would like to consider. If you prefer you can also write me a private message.

  • Code for SEB 2.0 (pre3+) for Mac OS X is now available in a new git repository at:

    It does not contain commits from SEB 1.5.2 and before, which can be found in the old SVN repository which isn't used anymore for the Mac version of SEB.

    Please note that there still will be significant code changes before the final release version of SEB 2.0 for Mac OS X.