#33 Clearing Cache

Kevin Lawler

We are using SEB to administer testing at my school system. It is linked to the Haiku LMS. Some students had selected that Haiku remember their password. For testing they restarted their laptops, logged in, then the proctor opened SEB and had to log them out of Haiku. When the proctor then logged in as the testing account, Haiku still showed the students Haiku links instead of the test. It looked to me like it keeps the student info cached somewhere, but I could not find where. To resolve this problem, I ended up having to login to the laptop with the gcstest (AD) account and then launch Haiku from there. Since it is a different profile, it worked Any help with this?


  • Which SEB version on which platform are you using? Windows XP/7/8, SEB 1.9.1? Mac OS X 10.6/.7/.8 SEB 1.5.2 or 2.0pre2?

    Without this information we cannot answer your question.

  • Kevin Lawler
    Kevin Lawler

    My Bad. Browser is 1.5.2 and OSX is 10.6.

  • Thanks for the additional information.

    Actually it isn't a cache problem, because SEB's browser cache is emptied when quitting it (and it's using a separate cache, not the same other WebKit instances would use).

    It's a cookie problem. Currently SEB is sharing cookies with Safari. I will implement a private cookie store for SEB 2.0, but this will come sometimes later in summer I guess (it's not yet implemented in SEB 2.0pre2). The default behaviour will be to clear the private cookie store after each run of SEB.

    Then those effects with logins will no longer occur.