Why Seashore?

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  • Why not just Gimp for Mac, or even MacGimp just to annoy MacGimp.org ;-)?

    • how about .... XGIMP or GIMPX ?

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli


      Sorry about the (very) late reply. I've been very busy with my University work and my old open source project, FreeCraft. Nevertheless, I have still been working on Seashore and a new version with the ability to draw on images using brushes should appear shortly. As for your questions, the reason for the name Seashore is due to the relationship Seashore has with the GIMP. Although Seashore is inspired and heavily influenced by the GIMP, underneath it uses very little code from the GIMP and certainly doesn't classify as a fork of the GIMP. So to avoid unwanted confusion between Seashore, the GIMP, MacGIMP and the Aqua port of the GIMP (which is being worked on by others) - I've chosen to use a separate name.

      Hopefully, as time progresses, a distinct difference between the GIMP and Seashore will become evident. As although Seashore and the GIMP will probably share quite a lot (in terms of resources, ideas, techniques, code, etc.), Seashore will probably be more selective in the features it includes and more Mac-like. There are no good reasons for the name Seashore specifically except that I thought it sounded like a cool name.

      Thanks for your feedback,

    • Sven Neumann
      Sven Neumann

      I think that Seahore is the wrong way and it is not doing any good to the GIMP project. The GIMP developers are trying hard to find some Mac OS X hackers that are interested to work on GIMP. We need hackers that make sure that GIMP works well on a Mac and integrates nicely with other Mac OS X applicatrions.

      I'm not sure what Apple-specific features you want to incorporate, but other platforms would surely benefit as well. Things such as Apple ColorSync can be encapsulated so that there's a platform-independent API. On UNIX, LCMS could be used and I'm sure that Win32 has a similar technology.

      Your project is IMO a waste of resources and I fear that it could mean that GIMP will never run well on Mac OS X. Why don't you just join the crew and help to improve GIMP instead of reinventing the wheel once more?

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli

      Hi Sven,

      Before I started working on Seashore I thought long and hard about porting the GIMP to Aqua but decided against it for a number of reasons. I still do not regret that decision, I expect the port would have been an extremely difficult one and the final product probably still wouldn't have felt like a Mac application.

      I also briefly considered building Seashore atop the foundations of the GIMP, that way I could have the power of the GIMP with a Mac-friendly user interface. But, I felt this approach could also be tedious to implement.

      So in the end I decided to build a GIMP-compatible paint program incorporating parts of the GIMP where necessary but based on my own design. This approach may not be the most efficient but it's been rather enjoyable to implement and so far I've been relatively happy with the results.

      There are lots of  reasons why I should or shouldn't have taken the approach I took, and maybe it was the right decision and maybe it wasn't. But it was my decision to make and it's not one I'm prepared to give up on just yet.

      In building Seashore the GIMP has been of great aid and I only hope one day Seashore will be able to contribute something back. Even if Seashore lends nothing to the GIMP's development, I am sure having an extended base of users using the XCF file format can only mean good things for the GIMP.

      Thanks for your feedback,

    • Nicolas Cianca
      Nicolas Cianca

      Great progress with 0.0.6!  I'm glad that this (psuedo) branch of Gimp exists.   If somebody wants to use Gimp for X go ahead.  I for one think that cocoa native Seashore is a great idea.

      Keep up the great work!

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli

      Thanks for your support Nicolas. It's much appreciated.



    • Anonymous

      Sorry about my english.

      I use seashore in panther and I mean that is a great project.

      Why seashore and not another project ?
      This question is a bad question :
      Why I never use OpenOffice ? Because I don't like the interface, I don't like M$Office and I don't like the big application with full option but without a beautifful interface.
      This project is a plein cocoa paroject. If I want use a color, I have the same "color palette" in seashore than other Cocoa application etc...

      And finally, because it's a cocoa application, I can open 55 files in seashore (I use that !) in my old iBook 700 with 384 Mo. Gimp can't.
      Gimp is a great thing, but a really OS X application (and if this application can use GIMP format, plug-in and other thing, it's great) have a place in my computer and I'm not alone.
      (Witch other free application can use layer like seashore in OSX without X11 ?)

    • I agrea that Gimp is to uggly for OSX

    • look sooooooooo promising! all of us os x users need a real open-source cocoa paint application. Thank you so much for your great work!
      One of main reason Gimp is useless on os x is the lack of Wacom tablet support. As Seashore is cocoa, I imagine it would be an easy feature to implement?

    • I am glad to see this project in place. In the near future, I hope to be able to contribute to it. For now, I have a suggestion. The next version of the OS X (10.4-Tiger) will have Core Image technology. I would love to this project transition to the use of Core Image. That would open a world of possibilities since any Core Image units developed would be instantly available to the application. It would also free up development time to focus on making better usage tools and workflow.

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli

      Thanks for your support everyone.

      I hope Seashore will support CoreImage when Tiger comes along - but it depends on the enthusiasm of the developers (myself included) and the technology itself.


    • OpenSource software for Linux or other platforms typically lacks a LOT in the usability department, gimp is no exclusion... they need to polish their interface a fair bit before its usable (this is coming from a graphics designer that has worked with it for over 2 years!). Just porting the gimp would be no better than Photoshop, but this can easily become a better product! I was just scribbling around it and realized how much smoother it is, how much more fun it is to draw with than Photoshop. Here's to a great start! *Cheers*

    • sorry for my english!

      Great work, I really appreciate and agree with all the ideas seashore is based on.

      Keep going on!!!

      Carlo Sgarzi, Italy.

    • Impatiently waiting for further versions as seashore keeps improving! Thanx for your work.

      BTW, any news about Wacom tablet support?

    • Cocoa Image Editor!  Why Else!? Look at the Omnigroup and Stone Studio, now consider how Seashore might fit into that group.  Wow.   The guys at Pixen have a very very niche market they're looking into, I do like somethings about their interface more than Seashore's but, thier goals are not your goals.   TIFFany is End of Lifed.   who's going to take it's place?  Teal, BluTulip.... Seashore?  We shall see If Teal wants to stay a "paint" program.. well, then that's a different thing.   Gimp is great.   It is, however, not cocoa.   It is, however, very slow.   It is, however, not as refined as Photoshop.  Gimp is powerful, yes, has very powerful tools, yes.  But running in the X11 environment, is like running a program on an emulator.  Looks professional (even looks like it would be a great Cocoa app), but, feels amatuerish, in it's speed... and sometimes performance.   Tweeking to the nth degree is fine.  But, when i'm working on a peice in Gimp and have to finish it in Photoshop.. well, you understand.

    • Just wanted to say I have been using Seashore for a couple months now and I like it alot. I like it because it is NOT Gimp. Gimp though having professional tools is not easy to use at all and really doesn't even follow what I would think to be common-sense ways of accessing tools and options. It was really something I couldn't get used to. Seashore for what I want to do is coming along nicely. Coming from the old days with Deluxe Paint 4 on my Amiga when I was a kid to using several versions of JASC PaintShop Pro on my PC, Seashore is the closest thing to be "easy to use and easy to understand". There have of course been somethings that I find difficult or lacking, but I have submitted many of those in feedback forms and I eagerly await new versions. Please keep up the great work.

      -Josh D.

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli

      Thanks everyone again for the positive feedback.

      I have just submitted basic plug-in support to the CVS which opens up the possibility for cool effects in subsequent versions of Seashore.


    • Thanks Mark...

    • I left a post on the features thread which may be better posted here. Seahorse is very easy for me to use and I am hoping that I can keep it a simple and fast program for painting.  Thank You!

    • Okay... let me nill some things.  First of all, if any of you have used Gimp 2.3.2 on OS X panther recently, you'll notice it is a heck of lot better, and the developers have fixed the majority of the issues some of you have complained about.

      On the other hand... it's as bulky as photoshop... and most everyone knows that the just as the majority of tools in MS Word 2004 you never use, the majority of the tools in Photoshop CS you never use.  Seashore has the ability of adding  4 or 5 tools, tweaking the features already present, and adding a built in FTP program for downloading and then uploading the pictures just modified directly to a server.  That's all in one convenience.  Also, Seashore, while it's young, can incorporate features of disabling group effects/specific tools on later startups to keep the program running quick and efficient on older computers even when it does eventually get bogged down with effects as every good image editing program does at some point.  All in all, as young as Seashore is, it simply has a potential that older programs like Photoshop and Gimp almost are missing altogether in as old as they are.

    • I am using Seashore as my primary image editor for my web site.

      As for CoreImage Support, I'd rather it implemented as a plugin and not an integral part of the application. I'm running on a 12" 600 MHz G3 iBook, and I would upgrade to a faster iBook before I upgraded to Tiger.

      I'd rather the empty space was taken out of the palettes first, to save space.

      Steve Taylor

    • Space saving .... dynamically scalling palattes.... might be the answer....  a rotation tool in a pallate might be nice !!  coolness

    • No way in hell am I waisting my time and HD space on X11 tools. To me, Seashore is the ultimate picture editor for Mac.

    • Besides GIMP is a really stupid name.

      Honestly, emulating X11 under MACOSX is a stupid thing.

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