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Seashore for OS 10.6


  • Anonymous

    I'm running 10.6.8

    When I download the latest Seashore, it behaves like an app that doesn't like the OS-won't start up at all-just hangs.

    I see on the website, that the last stable version is only for OS 10.4-10.5-not 10.6, then.

    So… is there a version of Seashore that will work on 10.6?

    I hope so, because I used it all the time before I upgraded to a new laptop with a more up-to-date OS, and I would hate to lose it!

    Thanks to all developers, and thanks to anybody who can answer this question.

  • xja

    Hi there,
    I also use 10.6.8 and Seashore 0.5.1 and everything works fine.
    You should try to uninstall Seashore and delete any file related to it.