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Newbie needs Big Help!

  • This is my first imaging software. 
    How do you resize a photo in Seashore?
    Is it possible to make contact sheets with 1" circle or square photos?

  • Hi.  I am also new to Seashore (and these types of programs in general).  I get the concept of Seashore, and the tools, but think I am having the same trouble as creativegoddess - every time I import an image, I only get a canvass that shows a portion of the total photo (for example - just the head rather than the full photo).  How do I import an image so that the entire picture is shown?

    thanks for any help you can provide.

  • So Seashore is a Layer-based program so there are two different concepts that I think are getting confused here: resizing a layer and resizing an image.

    An image can have more than one layer, and layers can be bigger or smaller than the image they are part of. Thus, bmccombs, what you're seeing is you're creating an image (probably something like 512 by 384), and you're importing an image that's bigger. That imported image shows up as a new layer, and since it's much bigger than the image you're seeing just a part of that layer.

  • Hi ctachme,
    This makes sense to me.  In follow up, how do I make the size of the photo I am importing match the size of the image space (layer) I have in seashore, or match the image space to the photo size I want to import?


  • ChrisR

    I think the problem may be that you are importing to the default document size that Seashore asks you to create when you launch it?

    To be honest, that default irritates me a bit, so once it's open, I ignore it completely and drag an image to the Seashore icon in the dock, which opens another document with your image showing properly.

    I've worked out that "Resize Image.." is "Scale Image.." (Image menu).

  • So three things.

    1. you can change the default size of the image by going to Seashore > Preferences > New Images.
    2. If you just copied the photo from another program you can create a new image with the exact size of that photo by going File > New from Pasteboard
    3. If you know where the photo is in you computer you can go File > Open (you don't need to use import, import is adding a new photo as a layer to an existing image)
    4. If you did get the photo imported to a image that's much smaller, just go to Image > Image Boundaries and make the image as big as you want