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GUIDE: Doing your handwriting with Seashore

  • caihooligan

    Here's a quick guide how to turn Seashore into your favorite study's companion.
    Following those easy steps you'll soon be able to do all your handwriting within seashore.
    No more wasting of paper and spreadsheet flying everywhere.  All you need to have is Seashore and a pen tablet.

    Download my A4 Notes Template from here: http://www.zshare.net/download/857974073e368d29/

    Here's a picture of how the project looks like. I set the image so you can write wherever you want and it will always fit in a A4 paper without the aid of boundaries. I've also customized my toolbar to be much more efficient when it comes to take notes. Have a look the picture and customize the toolbar as you like it copy.

    Now here is how I lay down my working space.
    I zoom 100% (one click on the plus symbol bottom right of the seashore window) then I move the window all to the left of the screen. On the right I keep the Foreground window with a  palette of four favored colors (small colored squares on the bottom) always available.

    I use the layers as they were pages. So I select and check only the layer I'm writing on (means all the other layers reamain unchecked)
    On my tablet I've buttons only for cmd+Z and X so I undo and can swap colors on the fly.
    My two pen buttons are dedicated one to panning and the other one to move through applications.

    Writing on a black background can be the tricky when it comes to printing.
    All you have to do is: Selection->Color Effect->Invert every layer you want to print.

    If you don't like writing on black and you want a white background change it following this path Seashore->Preferences->Colors->Transparency->Solid Colors->Set Color…

    Last step is print out your notes. Unfortunately this is not possible within seashore as it  will mess up your work.
    I personally use this workaround:
    1. Uncheck all layers
    2. Check the first layer you want to print (this should be equivalent to your first page
    3. Go to File->Export…->jpeg (tiff or whatever you like the most)
    4. Open the resulting file and print it with preview
    5. Uncheck the layer you just exported and move to the second one you want to print.
    6. Repeat this procedure for alla your layers.

    Hope you'll find this topic useful.
    Don't hesitate to contact me if you'll require any further instructions.

  • caihooligan

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