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Merging Layers?

  • Any way to merge layers?

    • Mark Pazolli
      Mark Pazolli

      No, but there should be.

      A workaround is available:

      1. "Export..." the image as an XCF file and open this exported file.
      2. Click on the eyes in the Layers panel to make the unwanted layers invisible.
      3. Flatten the image using "Image > Flatten Image...".
      4. Add the flattened layer to the old file by dragging its thumbnail to the old files window.
      5. Close the exported file.
      6. Delete the unwanted layers from the new file and rearrange.



  • Anonymous

    If you want to merge all the layers together, though, you can just go to Image > Flatten Image. Only if you want to flatten all the layers, though.

  • This is a zombie thread :)

    In the preview 0.5.0 version you can just go Layer > Merge with Underlying or, if you want to merge more than one layer at once, link the layers you want merged and then go to Layer > Merge Linked Layers

  • I have a question that sorta has to do with merging layers.
    Whenever I quit seashore, the layers in my drawings automatically merge. It's really frustrating, because I make adoptables so I need to use the layers to change colors. Is there a way I can undo this merge?

  • Hampton Myers
    Hampton Myers

    I just downloaded Seashore 0.5.1 and the merge layers command is not available.

  • Hi hamptonus, the screenshot you show is not Seashore 0.5.1. This screenshot is from an older version of Seashore. Please go to that website to download the latest version. It does have the functionality that you want.