Croping, Copy, and Paste

Tom Unger
  • Tom Unger
    Tom Unger

    I want to copy part of one image into another and do not understand how to do this with Seashore.  Here are the steps I take:

    1) crop the image to the section I want
    2) Scale the image to 180px high
    3) Select all
    4) Copy
    5) Go to the new window
    6) Create a new layer
    7) Paste

    At this point I paste the whole image.

    I notice that after cropping the layer still shows the whole image.  Somehow crop does not work as I expect.  I'm clearly miss-understanding the model.  What is going on here and how do I do this simple operation?



  • ChrisR

    I just replicated your steps. It did exactly the same to me :-

    1. In the first image, although the crop seemed to work, the layer thumbnail still shows the whole image.
    2. When I did Copy (NOT Copy Image), then Pasted into the second document, the whole of the first image (pre-Crop) pasted not the cropped part.

  • This is because cropping does not delete any content from your layers, it just changes the part of the layers that you see in the image. If you want to crop the image and remove the content outside of the image from all of the layers, go to Image > Image Boundaries… (or type Command-Option-C), and then in the radio buttons at the bottom of the dialog select either Clip Full-Image layers only or Clip All Layers. This will accomplish what your looking for.

    The reason we do this is because we don't want to delete data from your image. This way you can crop an image (which changes its boundaries), but you can still use the move tool to move your layers inside that image, so you can crop and then reposition your content to get it just right.

  • ChrisR

    I get what you're saying - I just wonder if it could be called something different? It sounds like a picky point, but most people who have used image editors (even iPhoto!) understand 'Crop' to mean a destructive process that physically removes the areas outside the Crop.

    How about calling it Reframe, or something like that?