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SdpoDSM 2012-09-28 jpssilva jpssilva [a62eb7] SdpoDSM OnStateActivation fix
SdpoDebayer 2013-02-27 pmalheiros pmalheiros [ae279f] SdpoDebayer added debayer32_lum
SdpoDynmatrix 2012-12-21 jpssilva jpssilva [ef5ee0] Merge
SdpoFastForm 2012-06-04 p_costa p_costa [0de0e2] Merge
SdpoFreenect 2012-06-04 p_costa p_costa [0de0e2] Merge
SdpoJoystick 2012-06-04 p_costa p_costa [0de0e2] Merge
SdpoOpenCV 2012-06-04 p_costa p_costa [0de0e2] Merge
SdpoPvAPI 2012-12-21 jpssilva jpssilva [ef5ee0] Merge
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Read Me

5DPO Component Library.

This library includes a serial communication component (TSdpoSerial), an IEEE1394 camera component (TSdpoVideo1394), an UVC video driver component (TSdpoVideo4L2) and a Gtk form component (TSdpoFastForm).
TSdpoSerial allows asynchronous communication using a serial port based on Synaser. Works in Linux and Windows.
TSdpoVideo4L2 allows the control of UVC compliant USB cameras, tested with Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere AF, Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision and Acer CrystalEye webcam (Acer Aspire One). For more information go to Works only in Linux.
TSdpoFastForm creates a Gtk window that is useful for fast painting of images (like the ones from the camera) and allows full control of the paint action, useful for real-time image processing. Works only in Linux.
TSdpoJoystick enables the access to a joystick's axis and buttons. Works in Windows and Linux.

All programs are compiled with Free Pascal 2.0.4+ (

Copyright (c) 2006-2009 by Paulo Costa, Paulo Malheiros, Paulo Marques and Joao Paulo Silva.
All rights reserved.


Sdpo units are licensed under a modified LGPL license. See file LICENSE and LICENSE.ADDON.

The modification allows to static/smart - link Sdpo libraries into binary applications without providing sources.

Example programs are provided under unmodified gnu GPLv2.

See file INSTALL for more information.