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Java Binding for SDL / News: Recent posts

native array methods added to OpenGL binding(gljava)


I've added native array access methods for all the methods which previously took NIO Buffers as a parameter. These methods can now be used instead of NIO buffers where appropriate.


Posted by Ivan Ganza 2005-09-16

guichan port checked into CVS

I've integrated the guichan port coded by Rainer Koschnick. Thanks Rainer!

Guichan is a small, efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. It comes with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects for displaying graphics and grabbing user input.


Posted by Ivan Ganza 2005-05-27

GLU support added to gljava(opengl) binding

I've happy to announce that GLU support has been added to the opengl binding. Its is fully implemented _except_ for functions which involve a callback.
- gluNurbsCallback
- gluNurbsCallbackData
- gluNurbsCallbackDataEXT
- gluQuadricCallback
The rest of the functions are all available.
- gluTessCallback

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2005-03-24

sdljava-0.9.1 released!


I'm happy to announce the next release of sdljava - sdljava-0.9.1

sdljava is a java binding to the SDL API. This release includes many
new features. The major changes were the removal of the dependency on
JDK 1.5 and the addition of the OpenGL binding via GLEW
(http://glew.sourceforge.net) and a binding to FTGL

Also a new developer has joined the team: Bart LEBEOUF bartleboeuf at
yahoo.fr. Bart has helped create the build environments on the
windows side as well many additions in various places in the codebase.... read more

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2005-02-20

OpenGL 1.1 support added (CVS)

I've checked in code into CVS which adds an opengl 1.1 binding to sdljava!! Later version of OpenGL coming soon.

The binding is provided by wrapping GLEW (http://glew.sourceforge.net). GLEW is a library which handles all the specifics of the OpenGL support. GLEW is available for a vast number of platforms.

Currently I've only updated the linux Makefile to build the shared library (gljava). It should be trivial to compile under Windows if the same idea if followed as the linux Makefile. I will be updating the Windows scripts in the future.... read more

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2005-01-22

sdljava 0.9.0 released

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce the release of sdljava 0.9.0! sdljava is a
binding to the SDL API for java.

You can find it here:

sdljava provides a complete binding to all the SDL API functions.
Almost the entire binding has been implemented. Please see the TODO
for a list of what is still pending.

Required/Recommended Libraries: (higher version should be fine)... read more

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2004-12-30

Development is progressing well, release is coming soon!

Release is coming very soon now

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2004-12-24

Video, Event and Mixer bindings complete!

The bindings for the Video, Event and Mixer are essentially complete! There are a few functions missing here and there. I will post a summary on the project page once I've made the new html pages.

Have a look in testsrc for examples how to use the various SDL functions.

Release coming soon!!

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2004-12-18

SWIG adopted for native interface generation!

I have adopted SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) to generate the mapping layer between C/C++ and Java!

The means that all the native code used to wrap the SDL Library is automatically generated from simple swig (.i) interface files!

This is already working for the video module and I have just confirmed that it works with the Event module as well.

Excellent news as it simplifies the job to bind the SDL to Java. It should be possible to have a release up and available within weeks.

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2004-12-10

Project is born!


I have just renamed the project from "jsdl" to "sdljava". Please check the home page for details. News will be posted as things are happening.

Please feel free to send me any questions.

Posted by Ivan Ganza 2004-11-24