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sdcv / News: Recent posts

sdcv 0.5.0-beta2 is out

  • add option to colorize output
  • Roman Imankulov's patch to better use of readline
  • Fix build with modern compilers
  • Fix work on CPU with align issues, like ARM and SPARC (thanks to Michal Čihař )
  • Migrate to C++11 and CMake (so at now archive with code 180K->54K)
  • Update Russian translation
Posted by Evgeniy 2013-07-08

sdcv 0.4.2 is out

* Cache scheme has been rewritten, size of cache has been reduced
* Merge with stardict, speedup of lookup, and add full-text search
* Russian translation update

Posted by Evgeniy 2006-04-24

sdcv 0.4.1 is out

* Recreate cache if idx file was modified
* Abbility to use pager(SDCV_PAGER)
* Add Chinese (traditional) translation
* Add Ukrainian translation

Posted by Evgeniy 2005-12-10

sdcv 0.4 is out

Version 0.4
* Fix several bugs
* libstardict by default linked statically with sdcv
* Add a Simplified Chinese translation
* documentation update
* add ability to use readline library with sdcv
* add ability hold history in ~/.sdcv_history

Posted by Evgeniy 2005-06-07

stardict 2.4.4b is out

* more faster start
* fix close bug in dialogs
* fix configure script
* fix bug of changing dicionaries "online"
* fix dictd2dic utilty

Posted by Evgeniy 2005-01-13

sdcv 0.3.4 is out

* Fix bug of handling of fuzzy search
* More clever showing search results
* Fix bug of showing not pure English name of dictionary

Posted by Evgeniy 2005-01-12

stardict 2.4.4a is out

* add ability to play wav files in "gtk+ only" version
* add ability to reorder and switch on/off dictionaries "on the fly"
* redesign preference dialog
* using last version of libstardict for faster search and fix error with gzip'ed idx files

Posted by Evgeniy 2005-01-03

sdcv 0.3.1 is out

*Fix bug in Lib::Lookup, which cause SF and other problems in search
*Change installation procedure to install with libstardict headers files,
*to help compile any application with libstardict
*Documentation update

Posted by Evgeniy 2004-12-21

sdcv 0.3 is out

* update libstardict, make search in dictionaries and loading of dictionaries faster
* add --data-dir option
* -u, --use-dict now take bookname as argument, not a name of 'ifo' file
* documentation update and improve

Posted by Evgeniy 2004-12-14

stardict-ed 2.4.4 is out

stardict-ed is fork of StarDict which allow you to compile StarDict with
or without using gnome libraries, in the second case it require only gtk+.
Another difference that it use libstardict for access to dictionaries, so
it work little faster than original version of stardict.
To compile without gnome support run configure script with '--disable-gnome-support' argument.

*Merge with StarDict-2.4.4,
*Use improvment version of libstardict, which
is faster then previous one
*Clean code

Posted by Evgeniy 2004-12-10

sdcv 0.2 is out

sdcv 0.2 is out.

Read more on http://sdcv.sourceforge.net/news/

Posted by Evgeniy 2004-11-05