#85 Custom PIC not linking


My company is creating a custom version of the PIC16F84. The original PIC16F84 had a 1K program data limit, so we upped the memory so it should now allow 4K. We made alterations to the linker files, but are still reaching the code limit at 1K upon attempting to link. We attempted compiling all our code for a PIC16F87 (which has 4K code space) and it compiled and linked just fine. I compared our linker file to that of the PIC16F87 and didn't anything that we could be missing. For reference, I've attached our .lkr file.

I'm honestly not sure if it is gplink or SDCC that is causing this issue. gplink is what's throwing the error, but our .lkr file seems to be fine. That makes me think it's SDCC, but I can't find any settings that would be limiting our code size. Am I forgetting something?

Thank you

P.S. I was going to add it as a new processor in gplink, but the documentation for how to do so is out of date.

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  • fazzitron

    I tried adding our processor in gputils, but found the error still occurrs. Is there any documentation for adding support for a new processor? As I mentioned before, it is essentially a PIC16F85 with an increase in program data.