#203 Compressed pic16devices.txt file

Borut Ražem
Molnár Károly

This pic16devices.txt version is free from the repetitions and therefore smaller. I give him a utility. This performs the compression and decompression.
Thus it is advisable to use:
1.) Uncompress the file.
2.) Modify the file.
3.) Compress the file.


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  • This is actually better.


    In the meantime, I realized that the patch is not yet finalized, and I send to pic16devices.txt "final" version. It seems that now it is flawless.

  • Newer "1.2" version.

  • Interesting that the utility is operating properly.

  • Something is still not right! Please that before the "optimization" pic16devices.txt file put it back into the svn.

  • I thought I ruined something:

    name 18f26j13
    ramsize 3760
    split 0x60
    configrange 0x00FFF8 0x00FFFF
    configword 0x00FFF8 0xFF 0xFF 0xBF
    configword 0x00FFF9 0xF4 0xFF
    configword 0x00FFFA 0xFF 0xFF <<<<<<<<<<<
    configword 0x00FFFB 0xFF 0xFF <<<<<<<<<<<
    configword 0x00FFFC 0xFF 0xFF <<<<<<<<<<<
    configword 0x00FFFD 0xFF 0xFF <<<<<<<<<<<
    configword 0x00FFFE 0xBF 0xFF
    configword 0x00FFFF 0xF3 0xFF

    Frightened me the lot of 0xFF. I checked the data sheet. This is not a bug. The pic16devices.txt good what I sent recently. I apologize for the false alarm due.

  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

    Karoly, you changed your mind so many times that I'm not sure, which version of pic16devices.txt is correct: the "Newer "1.2" version."?

    How it is possible to have two different pic16devices.txt files if the zip-pic16devices.pl tool hasn't been changed in between??


  • > How it is possible to have two different pic16devices.txt files if the
    > zip-pic16devices.pl tool hasn't been changed in between??

    The cause of error existed in the svn8126 version, and before too:

    The 389th line of pic16devices.txt file:

    name 18f24j50
    ramsize 3776
    split 0x60
    configrange 0x3ff8 0x3fff
    configword 0x3ff8 0xef 0xff 0xbf
    configword 0x3ff9 0x07 0xff
    configword 0x3ffa 0xdf 0xff
    configword 0x3ffb 0x0f 0xff
    configword 0x3ffc 0xff 0xff
    configword 0x3ffd 0x09 0xff
    configword 0x3ffe 0xff 0xff
    configword 0x3fff 0x01 0xff

    The 492th line of pic16devices.txt file:

    name 18f25j50
    using 18f24j50
    configrange 0x7ff8 0x7fff
    configword 0x7ff8 0xef 0xff 0xbf
    configword 0x7ff9 0x07 0xff
    configword 0x7ffa 0xdf 0xff
    configword 0x7ffb 0x0f 0xff
    configword 0x7ffc 0xff 0xff
    configword 0x7ffd 0x09 0xff
    configword 0x7ffe 0xff 0xff
    configword 0x7fff 0x01 0xff

    (The same is case of the 18f26j50 also. 550th line.)

    Therefore in terms of 18f25j50, appears twice in the "configrange" and the "configword" sections. The sdcc accept this solution, but I - since this illogical - I not prepared on the possibility in my program. The improved program now filters out this duality. For reasons of simplicity, there is in one archive the optimize-pic16devices.pl and the pic16devices.txt file.

  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

    The latest patch applied in svn revidion #8137.

    Karoly, you have also a possibility to remove the attached patch file if it turns out that the old patch is wrong or incomplete.


  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
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