I just installed the new MPLAB X.  Wow, it looks very nice at first

  [poke, prod]

  It seems to be a rebadged, customized version of NetBeans.
Interesting that they would do that.


I believe that is the purpose of netbeans. It is a customisable framework to build your application upon. Or you can just use it to write code. I tried it briefly.

Went back to Piklab with SDCC mainly because I need LVP, ICSP with direct programming without a PICkit-whatever dongle. Microchip only supports their own custom hardware so far. They don't like when you go from ttyS0 directly to the uC pins. I prefer my cable with three resistors.  :)    but it only works if your uC has a PGM pin like the p18f2610 series.