I'm having some problem writing .hex to a 12f690.

Sometimes, after the program procedure, the error reading a value not expected at address 0x000 comes.

Once this occurred, no more programming steps can be made at this chip, we need to change it. So, we can write the new chip until the error occurred again.

To "reset" a chip, I need to boot my computer on windows and use MPLAB 8.36 and erase them. Then I can use these chips on piklab-prog more times.

Detail: I'm using the icd2 firmware directory copied to piklab-prog use. And curiously, either after I just used MPLAB erasing or programming 12f690, and when I turn to Linux, and use piklab-prog it reload firmware to ICD2. I expected that the firmware were already loaded.

I need to know how to collect information to send to this list and so debug this error?


Antonio Augusto Todo Bom Neto
Boole Embedded