On 10. 05. 2013 10:44, Maarten Brock wrote:
Hi again,

Furthermore I still intend to update the sdas documentation as I
added/modified it quite a lot, but documentation was not yet updated.
Anyone else with documentation plans for the release?
I have an updated version of asmlnk.txt now that I will commit soon. I
have not updated the HTML version asxhtm.html. ASxxxx v5 has rearranged
html docs with many files instead of one. And it even comes with a pdf
nowadays. It seems the html and pdf versions are generated (from
asmlnk.txt?), but I don't know how. I suggest to remove the outdated
asxhtm.html file now and only keep asmlnk.txt. Maybe later we can add more
types back in. Are there any objections?

I agree. It is a mess: actually the txt and html documents are from different ASXXXX versions: txt from 1.7 and html from 2.0. This probably made sense in the past, where gpasm actually came from different ASXXXX versions (see http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/SDCC_AS_and_LINK_history), but now they are heavily synchronized with ASXXXX v5.0,

I also suspect that Alan Balwin is using a special tool to generate the documentation. Maybe we should ask him which tool he is using or how he generates the docs?