I'm waiting for the French translation (see https://sourceforge.net/p/gputils/bugs/265/) and there is a potential regression in gpsim test suite, reported today by Roy Rankin. I hope that both issues will be resolved during this week end. I plan to make the gputils-1.2.0_RC2 latest on Monday, May 6th and the final release on May 12th if no additional problems will be found.


On 04. 05. 2013 14:41, Maarten Brock wrote:
Hi again,

I've updated the release wiki ( 
DCC_3.3.0_Tasks ) and postponed all non-closed tracker items. I 
assume noone has urgent wishes for the release so that I can 

I've also updated the version info in subversion so the trunk should 
now be considered frozen.

What is the release schedule for gputils?