I want to start project with Z180 but I can't find some answers:

- I get "ASlink-Warning-No definition of area HOME" but I don't know why
- the code in .IHX file is placed at address 0x0020 (not 0x0000)
- there is not default crt0 linked (i.e. SP setup etc.)
- how to write bigger application using more than 64K memory?

I am using SDCC 3.2.0a.

My makefile:

OBJS = boot.rel
H    =
NAME = boot
CFLAGS = -mz180

$(NAME).ihx: $(OBJS)
    sdcc $(OBJS)

%.rel : %.c $(H)
    sdcc $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@

initial boot.c file:

#include <z180.h>
void main (void) {
  while (1);

output file boot.ihx: