Dear sdcc users and developers,

as you may already be aware, SourceForge is upgrading to a new platform (code-named Allura), and as a result, the Classic SourceForge platform will be retired. This also means that the Trac system will not be available any more. The (old) sdcc wiki is a Trac wiki, so it will die too.

But, no panic! I already installed a new Mediawiki based sdcc wiki and migrated all sdcc wiki pages. The new sdcc wiki URL is Please test it, verify if all pages are available and send a mail to one of sdcc mailing lists if you find a problem. If you updated old wiki pages after 2012-11-19 please verify if the changes are included in the new wiki.

There are still problems with uploading files to the new wiki, this is why some pictures and links to files are missing. Hopefully this will be solved in the near future.

NOTE: The old wiki is still active, so please DON'T update it any more. All modifications must be done on the new wiki. Changes on the old wiki will be lost after Trac system removal!