On 09/24/2010 12:44 PM, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:

The proposed solution looks OK to me for now. I consider this issue
important enough that it has to be solved before the 3.0.0 release.


I agree with you, but unfortunately I'll be absent from tomorrow until 2010-10-02, so I won't be able to do the changes, and the RC1 deadline is planned for 2010-10-03...

Is anybody else willing to do it? If not, we will have to shift the RC1 at least for few days...

The task seems to be easy at the first glance, but it has consequences at least on:
- library build process (Makefiles)
- snapshot build process and packaging (tar balls, win32 zip package and win32 setup package)
- regression testing of pic* tragets