And PUF? Anybody work with this framework ?

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Raphael Neider <> wrote:

I had never used SDCC, and I have a project for pic18f4550 with CCS compiler. I use the USB communication over a serial emulation. How difficult it is translate this code for sdcc?

Hmmmm, depends... There is a (pretty old and not updated) migration guide available at
Much syntax fiddling can be done automatically, some hands-on work is still required.

All my libs are from CCS compiler.
The SDCC has a implementation of communication usb?

Um, no. SDCC comes with a libc and a bunch of ADC/I2C/USART routines, but nothing as fancy as USB. However, several (i.e., at least two) USB stacks are available for SDCC (I remember one from nuts and volts magazine, but that one nowadays needs some syntacic massaging to run). Maybe someone on the list can help out?

Somebody can send me a simple program that make a led on/off with pic18f4550?

See attached blinky.c, assuming you have your LEDs attached to PORTA pins.
Compile via
sdcc -mpic16 -p18f4550 --optimize-cmp --optimize-df blinky.c

Make sure you use a recent sdcc version: 2.8.0 is already rather old. I'd recommend to use a snapshot (

Where do I start? I have read the sdcc files, but I don't now how to program for SDCC.

Start with blinky, then move on. Skim through the header files (pic18fregs.h, pic18f4550.h, pic18f2455.h for a start). Feel free to ask questions on this list.

Good luck,
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