Hello, Georg,

1. Currently STM8's pointers are assumed 16-bit, you can post a request in http://sourceforge.net/p/sdcc/feature-requests/ for 24-bit points support. 
2. There is no code size limitation, but the stm8 port currently only emit CALL / CALLR instructions, but no CALLF. So a single main() without sub functions calls could exceed 32KB. But that is really a rare case.


在2014年07月02 11时19分,"Georg Icking-Konert"<icking@onlinehome.de>写道:

hello all,

from a previous discussion I learned that far pointers, i.e. 24bit address, are not yet supported for the STM8. Just 2 questions:

1) is it planned to add this feature anytime soon?

2) does this limit code size to 32kB (code flash starts at 0x8000)?

For your feedback thanks a lot in advance!

Regards, Georg