Hi all,
I would like to ask some questions about bdata and friends(aka idata and pdata).

I am working for a small school project which is about 8051. this project is a small  gadget car that move following a reflective surface. there are sensors on the gadget car that track the pre-defined route. those sensors are maximally 8 pairs , and those are Infraid-red pair. Those sensor pin is associated to one of 8051 port. I would like to read the sensor at once and put into some kind of bit arrays such bdata alike. expecially like memory address 0x40 which is bit addressable.

I used to make the source compiled under keil C with bdata directive, the keil product was limited me to 2k rom size. so I make a change to sdcc now. BUT life is not that easy. I tested and change alot and finally found a problem that SDCC did not directly support bdata. A webpage said it can define the data section to 0x40h thus those address is bit addressible.  The webpage is not very much detsail about this. and I only need one varaible like that and is enough. So I think this is a very unclear me.

Well I would like to ask is that HOW can I do the reading from the sensor to a variable that is bit addressable?

Sorry to say that I am not subscribe to the list, So if you have any suggestions please reply me by this mail address directly. Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,
George Chan

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