I've managed to install the newest version of sdcc's nightly snapshot. After ensuring that the PIC18fregs.h file is in the primary include folder of the new sdcc. I now get the following error from piklab, which has to do with the hardware pins I think. It would be fantastic if someone points out to whatever is wrong with it as I'm not familiar yet with the hardware architecture.


sdcc -mpic16 -p18f2620 -V -I/media/sda5/Dairy Cow Research/datalogging scale/software/LED_toggle/ -c main.c
main.c:4: Undefined identifier '_OSC_INT_Port_on_RA6_Port_on_RA7_1H'
main.c:4: Initializer element is not constant
main.c:5: Undefined identifier '_BODEN_OFF_2L'
main.c:5: Initializer element is not constant
main.c:7: Undefined identifier '_MCLRE_MCLR_disabled_RA5_input_en_3H'
main.c:7: Initializer element is not constant




On 9/15/07, Stanley Lee < stanigator@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Raphael,

PIC18fregs.h is indeed in /usr/share/sdcc/include/pic16. I think the problem is that SDCC does not look into pic16 directory on its own. Only my source files are in folders with names that have white space. I did indeed install SDCC into a blank-free path, which is in /usr/share/sdcc/.


On 9/15/07, Raphael Neider < rneider@web.de> wrote:
Hi Stanley,

> prak@prak-laptop:/media/sda5/Dairy Cow Research/datalogging
> scale/software/LED_toggle$ sdcc main.c
> main.c:1:24: pic18fregs.h: No such file or directory

SDCC cannot find pic18fregs.h , which should reside in
You can either add the (correct) path to pic18fregs.h to your SDCC
command line via -I "correct/path/goes/here" or try to include
#include <pic16/pic18fregs.h>
maybe SDCC does not look into the pic16 directory on its own?!?

Another problem might be caused by whitespace in the search paths (Dairy
Cow Research?!?) Try to install SDCC into a blank-free path, e.g.,


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