I have recently downloaded the sdcc package "sdcc-2.2.2-7.11.01-winbin.I am able to use the package from command line. However , I have some problems in using this with Xemacs package for debugging purposes.
After reading section 7.6 of sdccudoc, I downloaded the Xemac package version 21.4.3 for 586-pc-win32. When sdcdbsrc.el is invoked in the init.el file of Xemacs, it says that comint.el file is missing. When one version of the comint file was downloaded and used Xemacs gave error "symbol function def is void :turn-on-lazy-lock" when trying to load a file into Xemacs. When some other version was tried a different error saying "ring " could not be loaded is displayed.
    I am not too well versed in negociating all these intricate issues. Can somebody outline all the steps to be taken like
      1)  what version with what add ons are to be loaded from Xemacs
       2)  what other patches are to be used
       3)  what are the sequence of steps to be taken to put together all these 
    Looking forward to having a full featured sdcc debugger integrated with Xemacs.
Thanking you,