Isn't that like using a '747 to commute to work? 
I've always been persuaded that, while 'C' is a general-puprose language, C++ is intended for big projects, with dozens of teams of hundreds of programmers, and hundreds of managers, with work-product in the tens of millions of lines.  I don't see a PIC16 or whatever being able to accomodate that sort o thing.  Programming "in the large" doesn't happen much in the microcontroller world.
Richard Erlacher
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From: Jonathan
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 6:26 PM
Subject: [Sdcc-user] c++ front_end

What interest is there in a c++ front-end 
to sdcc? For google's summer of code I'm 
considering submitting a proposal to extend 
sdcc to handle multiple languages. 
Right now I would plan on working on a c++ 
front-end first and maybe others later. 
I've read the technical notes in in sdccman.pdf 
and looked through some of the source code of 
sdcc. Of the seven phases of the compiler I 
think this project would involve modifying 
and building parts the first phase and adding 
some features to the second phase. 
Is there anyone opposed to me doing this? Are 
there any developers who would be willing to be 
my mentor for this? Is a c++ front-end already 
being worked on? 
P.S. My Background: 
I'm an independent inventor attending school 
for a MBA. I have pending tehcnology patents 
such as a new kind of volumetric display. I 
have a undergraduate degree in computer 
enginneering with a minor in physics. I've used 
c++, c, and python for several years.

P.S.S I also posted this on the open discussion forum.