#287 map file regression


The format of the .map files seems to have changed with the linker upgrades.
Looking at .map files generated by the Z80 linker I see two problems.

1) Lots of 0x0c characters often at section beginnings.These show up as ^L or some other artifact when viewing the file.

2) Symbol lists are no longer continuous, but torn apart by inserted page headers. Having these page headers doesn't make much sense to me. They are annoying when viewing the file on the screen or processing them with a script. They are annoying when printing the file, unless one has exactly the right printer setting fro them.


I observed this problem using 2.9.7 #5642.


  • Sample map file

  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

    The map file generation routine is now synchronized with asxxxx v2.0. I compared it also with asxxxx v5.0, and it seems that the format is mainly the same.

    1) The 0x0c characters are ASCII FF - Form Feed control characters, which instruct the printer to feed the paper to the beginning of the next page. It is true that they majority of viewers and text editors don't interpret them (usually they don't know what a page is) but display them in a way or another.

    2) The additional page headers are consequence of syncing with asxxxx.

    I would like tho reduce the difference between sdas and asxxxx to minimum and possibly unify them in the future, so I suggest to forward this request to Alan Baldwin, the asxxxx author.


  • Maarten Brock
    Maarten Brock

    I'd suggest to make the current constant NLPP (=60) a comand line parameter and when it's set to 0 don't output FF's nor count lines and pages to insert new headers. I think I would not mind the headers between areas.

    I agree that it had better be changed upstream in asxxxx, but wouldn't mind if it only was sdld specific either.

    Is this really a bug or should it be reclassified as a feature request?

  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

    For me is a feature request, so I re-categorized it.


  • Borut Ražem
    Borut Ražem

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