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Installation on mac 10.6

  • Hi, I have installed sdcc on the mac, set the path and can get the help up by using sdcc -help. Great.

    My problem now is the integration with eclipse. Has anyone got experience of installing and using sdcc on a mac with 10.6 and Eclipse Helios?

    CDT is installed as far as I can tell, but when creating a new project, there is no managed make option.

    It may just be a wording issue as all of the tutorials I have googled for seem to use versions before Helios and there are screen . menu differences from the tutorial to my setup. It may be a mac thing, I don't know.

    I'm going round in circles at the moment, so If someone has been through this setup with the versions indicated, I would be grateful for some pointers.



  • Yes looked there. The CDT links are out of date, but I think CDT is installed already. The download for mac looks like a ppc version, but I gave it a go and it broke my eclipse - unable to locate companion shared lib :(