Warning 115 on using compiling PIC code

  • Raphael Neider
    Raphael Neider

    Unless i am mistaken, SDCC 3.3 does no longer have inc2h.pl for PIC (neither the 14 bit not the 16 bit families). It should have cinc2h.pl instead. The memmap #pragma is also gone, no longer generated by the script, and no longer supported for either family. The bank mapping is now provided in the pic*devices.txt configuration file...
    If you want to create the header files yourself, please try again using the new script from 3.3.0. Make sure to check the usage instructions included in the script - they differ from the previous scripts and have slightly different requirements regarding files from gputils.

    If you still run into problems (or simply to avoid creating your own headers), you can download the SDCC source tar-ball and take the headers included in it.

    If that still falls for you, please indicate which device you are targeting and provide the command line (including the. -p and -m flags) used in your test.