I am planning of playing some sounds in my PIC18F4550 using Roman Black's BTc Sound Encoder 2.0 Software(http://www.romanblack.com/picsound.htm) which converts sound (in wave files) to a 1-bit format that can be played back on microprocessor chip

The sound is output on 2 pins(or 1 pin as he has mentioned in his website) of the PIC as follows:

; Digital ----------2R-----,
; |
; Digital ----------2R-----*----- Analogue
; | out
; |
; |
; C = 0.22 uF
; |
; |
; |
; Gnd

The generated file is in ASM format,or as a c function or a btc format.
for example :his generated c function is like:::::
void sound_data1()    org (1 * 256)
   asm retlw 0x12 ;
   asm retlw 0x5E ;
   asm retlw 0xAA ; `
   asm retlw 0xAA ;
   asm retlw 0xCA ;
   asm retlw 0xAA ;
   asm retlw 0xAA ;
   asm retlw 0xB2 ;
   asm retlw 0xAA ;
   asm retlw 0xA5 ;

.My question is  how do i include that above function into a c file.What doest retlw do?and how do i tell sdcc,what port the sound is to be played out of?
for example if i have to play the same on say PORTD.0 and PORTD.1.How do i do that.Pls help.

and if we were to read directly the raw values from the .btc format and write it to a port how to do that??

thanks and regards