Creating SDCC Port

  • markus knecht
    markus knecht

    Is there somwhere a manual which describes how to create a port for a new Processor?

    Or are their at Least somwhere a good description of the different structs importend for a Port?

    I had took a look at the mcs51 port files, but even after some hours i didn't have an idea how to do a port.

    The prozessor i have to made the port for is the proteus prozessor (this is a prozessor another student from the same university of applied sciences has developed)

    So if someone can give me any informations which helps me in my project to create a port for the proteus microcontroler, i would be vary happy :)

  • Maarten Brock
    Maarten Brock

    Please have a look in our wiki. There is some information there.