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How do I rebuild the runtime library?

  • Robert Ramey
    Robert Ramey

    I'm using win32 sdcc compiler.  I use the windows IDE with vc 7.1 along with the IDE solution provided.

    I followed the instructions on recompiing the compiler, assembler and linker - after making a few small changes.  Worked great I'm happy to say.

    By making mainly in the crt0.s for the gbz80, I've managed to met my bank switching hardware to execute a program over several banks - including calls to other banks from an ISR - so I'm extremely pleased.

    Now I want to make a small tweak in the div.s function in the z80 and gbz80 libraries.  These functions use a static variable which creates problems with divide while interrupts are enabled.  The fix looks easy but I'm stuck on what the exact magic is to rebuild the library.  The IDE solution doesn't have a project for rebuilding the compiler.

    Any hints would be appreciated.

    Robert Ramey

    • Maarten Brock
      Maarten Brock


      There is no tool yet to create z80/gbz80 libraries on windows. For mcs51 there is a batch-file which you can copy/update. You could also use cygwin and use make.