Getting started with inline assembler

A Hoyle
  • A Hoyle
    A Hoyle

    Hi All

    I am currently writing all my code in C and compiling with SDCC (very successfully). However, I do need to do some manual optimisation. I am hoping to use some small bits of inline assembler. I have done some assembly programming many years ago (more than 10 years) so I am VERY rusty. I am looking for some good books or web pages on writing assembly for a 8051, especially writing inline code in SDCC. 

    My current project is using a SiLab C8051F341, and I using SDCC 2.7.0

    All suggestion welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    • diamondmind

      I'm not sure about a good reference for 8051 assembly. I don't do a lot of assembly, but looking at a listing of the 8051 instruction set is usually good enough for me. ^_^

      As for assembly coding, section 3.12 of the SDCC manual is a pretty good starting point of how to do it with SDCC. It even talks about some remedial optimizations.

      Hope that helps. :)