Z80Sim - my Z80 simulator and debugger

  • Some time ago, I wrote a Z80 simulator+debugger for helping me debug an operating system I was trying to write.

    While I set up a SourceForge account for the thing and uploaded it to CVS, I never released the program.

    Now I've looked at it again and found that it does have some fairly useful features that I haven't found in other debuggers, even though, well, it's full of bugs.

    Anyone interested can find a fresh 0.1.0 release at http://www.sf.net/projects/z80sim .
    If you don't understand how to make it do anything, please don't think twice and ask me about it on the forum, since the documentation is almost non-existent.

    The simulator was written specifically to be used with SDCC, and it supports (at least attempts to):
    - breakpoints ('complex' expression allowed)
    - watchpoints (as above)
    - memory protection (using special commands in the source code)
    - symbolic debugging

    Hope someone finds this useful.