.HEX generated isnt valid

  • Lucas Coppio
    Lucas Coppio

    Hello all... ive once said that the .HEX the program generates isnt "right"... well... i tried a few times and definitely the hex generated by it might have some problem... i just cant do the program works neighter in the simulator neighter in the debugger board... the .HEX just doenst like that it is right to work... it seens more like the first few lines are missing in the compiled file. I need help desperately

    • Maarten Brock
      Maarten Brock

      And how do you expect anyone to help you with this limited set of information?
      Which processor?
      Which options used when compiling/linking?
      Which version of SDCC?

    • Have you tried packihx?

      packihx myfile.ihx > myfile.hex