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SDCC Compiling in modules


  • Anonymous

    Hi all.

    I use sdcc to do programs to my project with Z80, and works very fine.

    But my project is litle problem. Is much slow to compile, because is a litle complicated, and is a litle big, up to 48K code.

    I have my c programs separateds, and I compile separated and link with the  ".rel", and is ok.

    My question is: I need to compile each module (.c) file in a address memory, sample: lcd.c in 0x0800h, serial.c in 0x1000h, and when I compile the main program and link, it know where is the procedures. My idea is compile only the module wich I have altered, and to send to eeprom memory only this part and the main program, wich will be more quicly to program.

    I look in sdcc manual, but I dont found any about this.

    Ty a lot
    Moacir Jr.