please help me to resolve error in sdcc compiler

  • hi to all,
    i am using sdcc 3.4.0 compiler, i have written c code in its IDE environment.
    i have declared many no of variables that i want to use in my program. So. to store the variables in indirect data ram i have used char idata arr2[]="S\r",match1[10]; so this line give error as........
    sdcpp.exe: fatal error: when writing output to : No such file or directory
    hari.c:6: syntax error: token -> 'arr2' ; column 15

    so i kindly request that give the proper suggestion regarding error......

    thanks in advance......

  • i have also tried........ "char _idata arr2[]="S\r",match1[10];"...........but it is also not working

  • Maarten Brock
    Maarten Brock

    You need to use two underscores before idata: __idata