Z80 Patch status for bank switching?

  • Robert Ramey
    Robert Ramey

    Sometime ago I submitted a couple of small patches which fix the bank switching code in the Z80/GBZ80 compiler.  I've been using this version for a while with my current project and find it to work as intended.  I haven't notices any movement on this front.  Is there some reason for this?  That is, I'm curious to know what is the sequence of events whereby a patch - and this one in particular - gets into the "official" release.

    I also need to make some tweaks in the GBDK (crt0.s) to properly initialize the bank switching.  Also a couple of other small tweaks here and there.  For example, as included in the library, the divide routine uses some off stack storage - which wrecks havoc when an interrupt service routine tries to divide something.  I'm inclined to upload the patches as soon as I test them out some more.

    Robert Ramey

    • Maarten Brock
      Maarten Brock

      Hi Robert,

      There isn't really a set sequence of events. I think it boils down to one of the developers to take the time to look at it and apply. I'll see if I can get some time for it during the holiday.

      Meanwhile do not hesitate to send in more patches (when tested). Others who do not want to wait can apply these themselves. And as long as they're in the tracker system they won't be forgotten.