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Strange error

  • Nei

    Hi there,

    I getting the follwing error message when I try to compile my program:

    removing robinho.rel
    ?ASxxxx-Error-<a> in line 1674 of robinho.asm
    <a> machine specific addressing or addressing mode error

    When I put some of my variables in the idata segment this doesn't happens.

    Does anyone knows what is happening? Is it a bug?

    Thank you.

    • Maarten Brock
      Maarten Brock

      Please stop posting every question twice in every forum. If you need help, post it in Help. If you want to start some discussion, post in Open discussion. We read both and find it very annoying.

      Also, if your question is somehow related to a previous question, you might as well continue that thread. It could gives a lot more background information. Like which processor are you using, which options, which version of the compiler?

      And if you really want usable answers, WHAT IS in line 1674 of robinho.asm? Have you bothered to look yourself? Are you writing in C or have you written the assembly yourself?

    • tony_pemberton

      I have just downloaded the ver 2.4.8 #950 of 01/02/2005. I now get compile error :20 on the line
          SFRPAGE = CPT2_PAGE;

      Previous compiler versions did not error.

      The line
      #define  CPT2_PAGE         0x03     // COMPARATOR 2                      

      is present in file c8051F040.h.

      If I make the line
          SFRPAGE = 0x03;
      I do not get an error.

      I do not get problems with CPT0_PAGE or CPT1_PAGE from the same files.

      I have tried re-editting the line just in case, but the error remains.

      Is there a problem with the latest compiler version recognising CPT2 as a keyword? I note that there has been some work in this area.