compiler and aslink issues DS400 kit

  • egyptfireman

    Dallas DS400Tini kit. I have been trying to developing a http server. I started with version 2.6 of the compiler and the sample http time server application from the Dallas webb site. I put the blank libds400.lib file in the library like instructed in the app note. The compiler gave me a warning on a shift instruction that I fixed. (not fixed in the example). The complier also warned "......malloc.h.....ISO C90 does not support flexible array elements". I am not sure what to do about that. I developed code but ran into other issues so I downloaded a nightly snapshot and fixed the library. The linker then additionally started complaining. "couldn't find library module c:\program files\SDCC\bin\..\lib\ds400/.rel"  strange file name. I also got a series of liner errors "memory overlap at 0x8 for ROMSEG" thru "memory overlap at 0x17 for ROMSEG"  I have not been able to find a reference for ROMSEG in any listings including map listings.  A minimally modified test project can be downloaded: