SDCC code size increase on 8051

  • Laszlo BORTEL
    Laszlo BORTEL


    according to my experience SDCC #885 generates significantly longer code than the earlier SDCC #778 for 8051 target. For 31k code the difference is roughly 800 bytes!
    Anyone knows the reason for such a big difference? Did the code efficiency decrease? Did the libraries change? Something else changed?
    Can I expect that the code size will return back to "normal"? Unfortunately we are very close to the 32k code memory limit in our project, so we can not waste a single byte.

    Laszlo BORTEL

    • Maarten Brock
      Maarten Brock


      In these 4 months(!) a lot has changed. Some libraries changed, some efficiency was decreased in order to fix bugs, new stuff was added. So I don't think you can expect code size to return to "normal". But if you can pinpoint some special cases which grew too much, feel free to tell us and maybe we can do something about it. But our main priority stays with correct code, not compact code, which is secondary.