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#721 sdcc 2.4.0 crashes on certain win98 computer

Bernhard Held
Suresh B Joshi

I downloaded and tried sdcc 2.4.0 on 3 different win98

SDCC :mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININ
ative/xa51/ds400/hc08 2.4.0 (Feb 23 2004) (MINGW32)

On 2 of 3 computers, it worked perfectly okay, including
version check and actual compilation.

One the third computer, it works okay for version check,
but, crashes on actual compilation of ANY source file
with a windows error message. The error message is
attached in a BMP file, with this bug report.

The first two computers (where all is well) have 128
Mbytes of memory while the third one (where sdcc
crashes) has 256 Mbytes of memory. All 3 computers
are Pentium-III and all are of indentical version of

Quite surprisingly, the SDCC 2.3.3 of version SDCC :
2.3.3 (Jan 27 2003) (MING W32), does not crash for
any of the source files, while SDCC 2.4.0 always crashes.

A further surprise to report is that the computer on
which the sdcc 2.4.0 crashes when executing from
MSDOS window, it DOES NOT crash when executing
from a TOOL facility available inside the IDE of
sourceforge's ANYEDIT editor.

All 3 computers have been certified to be virus-free
using Norton AV 2004 and Escan.

Best regards

Suresh B Joshi (suresh_b_joshi@vsnl.com)


  • Suresh B Joshi
    Suresh B Joshi

    BMP file giving error message, captured with ALT+PrtSc

  • Bernhard Held
    Bernhard Held

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    There have been reports that Norton AV can cause problems. Please
    uninstall it and report again.

  • Suresh B Joshi
    Suresh B Joshi

    Logged In: YES

    Dear bernhardheld,

    I can't uninstall Norton AV since there will be re-registration
    issues, but, I did disable the Norton AV AUTOPROTECT, yet,
    the problem remains.

    As I have reported earlier, the SDCC 2.3.3 does not give this
    problem, even if Norton AV is running. Also, other compilers
    and DOS based softwares (such as Borland C++ command
    line version 5.5 or AVRGCC or GCCARM or TI's
    CodeComposer Studio for DSP etc.) never crash even if
    Norton AV is running. The SDCC 2.4.0, if executed under
    shelter of SourceForge's ANYEDIT editor's IDE runs fine.

    Can you please guide me further with suggestions.



  • Bernhard Held
    Bernhard Held

    Logged In: YES

    Finally you supply yourself the answer to your problem:
    if 2 computers are running fine and 1 has a problem, this
    single computer seems to be the problem. If sdcc exposes a
    bug in your PC, you can't blame sdcc.

    Richard A. Olsen investigated the problem:
    > I have traced the problem into _popen (Microsoft software)
    > down to CreateProcess (a Win32 API) where the problem
    > occurs. A search on the Internet produced an obscure hit
    > where a similar problem occurs in a php script using some
    > Windows shell functions. Their solution was to uninstall
    > the Norton Antivirus software (why they picked that, they
    > didn't say). As luck would have it, I also have the Norton
    > software installed (although I don't use it). I uninstalled
    > the Norton software and the problem went away for me
    > also.

    popen() wasn't used in 2.3.3, this it most likely the reason
    why it works for you. No, we won't remove popen() from sdcc.

    > I can't uninstall Norton AV
    I'm afraid you have to.

  • Suresh B Joshi
    Suresh B Joshi

    Logged In: YES

    Dear Bernhard Held and Richard A. Olsen,

    Thanks for tracking down the matter which I had reported
    to a grassroot level and identifying the probable cause.

    I certainly did not mean to blame SDCC., which remains my
    most favourite tool since its version 2.2.0.a.

    Uninstalling Norton AV to make SDCC work, is difficult to
    digest. It will pose many more serious issues. So, as a
    workable solution, I will resort to use the SDCC2.4.0 through
    the "User Tool" facility of the ANYEDIT editor which I use,
    where SDCC2.4.0 does not crash even in presence of Norton
    AV. I will avoid the use of MSDOS shell.

    I wish to thank you both once again for your efforts and for
    taking up the matter at priority. It was really very nice and
    kind of you.

    best regards

    Suresh Joshi

  • Bernhard Held
    Bernhard Held

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